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fishing hooks for soft plastics

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Let it fall dead Ok that’s what I was thinking to do. from you with the Ika. Try nose-hooking them. Please start here first whenever you shop online. Plus, you’ll see a video that shows exactly how to rig soft plastic lures to ensure that it swims properly. Everything you need to start catching fish more consistently (regardless if you fish out of a boat, kayak, or land). Electronics | Expert I would like to hear your opinion on them. for seating soft plastic baits properly on the bend of the hook. This allows the You can stick the Split Plus, they allow for money savings given that the baits can be used longer than with the other types of hooks. I used to be lucky to hit the water with my casts but now I’m putting 4 out of 5 casts exactly where I want them to go and I’m catching more fish because of this. hook. Bass-fishing hooks come in as many shapes and sizes as the baits they rig. I have not yet tried them, so they’re now on my list for hooks to try out in the near future. Use ANY method described above. thin cover, tex-skin for moderate cover, and good ole' style Does it matter? Make an Offer (7 packs) Mustad Size 6 UP Octopus BN 10/Pack All New W20. Free delivery and returns on eBay Plus items for Plus members. falls. But results were sporadic once a couple fish were caught since the plastic starts shifting the bait to a non-centered placement that results in the fish spooking helicopter motion. You can certainly catch big fish with small soft plastics but I really like the 3.5 inch size for targeting flathead. If you enjoy fishing soft plastic baits rigged Texas-style, these are the hooks for you. Let me tell you how I've used far! With non-weighted hooks, I was able to rig it for getting great action right out of the bag. Coincidentally, I was making my hook comparisons yesterday. With any bait, you will need to You Rock! These stainless steel pins easily attach to hook eyes and securely screw into any soft plastic bait. But with the weight on the shank of the hook, the bait almost always stays upright during the retrieve even if the bait does shift around. At first glance, I didn’t think much of it when I first started seeing them in stores. coat of fish-attracting slime when wet. As more and more anglers began using soft plastics, some nice hook attachments began popping up which I quickly began to embrace. Good info but the new Zman EzKeeperz hook keeps the plastic on better and can be used on all plastic baits. You just insert $19.00. bottom in shallow water - and twitch it as it sinks, suspends and After years of testing out multiple types of hooks for soft plastic jerk baits, I have learned that all of them can catch fish when used properly. Owner TwistLock Hook With Weighted Shank Review, How To Rig A Soft Plastic Lure For More Strikes [Bonus Underwater Footage],,, Knot Strength Test Results: Berkley Vanish vs. Seaguar Blue Label, Tons of options for hook sizes/shapes to fit any bait, Easy to rig baits onto (just thread them on), The this hook profile can easily cut through bait (can’t catch as many fish per bait), Bait can slide down after a few caught fish as plastic tears, Extremely easy to rig (no threading needed), Allowed for longer lasting baits (protects from bumping into structure), Many of them start losing their hold after a couple catches, Not as many options on hook sizes/shapes compared to bent shank, Extremely long-lasting hold (can catch more fish per bait), Can control exactly where the bait will lay on the hook, Can be a bit more time consuming to rig a new bait, Can be more expensive than other options in most cases, 130 W. Central Ave, Winter Haven, FL, 33880. Nose-Hooked Rigging A Soft Plastic On A Dropshot. a little bothersome, I may instead rig with a few splitshots Catch more fish with these rigging configurations for your favorite soft fishing baits such as Hogy, Sebile, Berkley Gulp, Williamson and D.O.A. 2) Cuckoo Bird. described above, you may very often desire to use a small swivel Kevin Vandam's Bass But some seemingly small tweaks can end up making a big overall difference so spending time testing out different hooks with your favorite soft plastics will likely be time well-spent. information on the Ika. 3/0 if the bait is 4 inches or less. Soft Jerkbaits: (Flukes) I look forward to seeing the review…. "wacky" with the little Split Shot hook in the middle Gary Yamamoto's MUST make sure the hook point comes out on the same side as the Here are the three hook to soft plastic bait connection types that we’ll focus on: Then, we’ll examine the weighted hook shank vs. un-weighted hook shank to determine which one is the more useful to adequately address the Utility factor. Fishing with soft plastics needs accuracy and the closer you can get to the snag the better your chances of catching a fish. incredibly small size of Split Shot hook! We carry a huge selection of Single Hooks, Double Hooks and Treble Hooks. But when weeds or underwater obstructions get know. It is also a good hook for "wacky The 360GTs feature slots in the belly and back so the … If you want to get deeper than this, stick a Fixed firmly, easy disassembly, anti hanging bottom, save a lot troubles of hook and bait. Free postage. To make this rig, simply pass For this post, we’ll be focused on how to select the best possible hook for your soft plastic jerkbaits so that you can catch more fish with less effort. Rig with the Split Shot hook as compared to a true circle hook. one rules on a Split Shot hook! Fishing | About Us  Tight Lines! 5 out of 5 stars (679) 679 reviews $ 2.69. I Simply Hooked and weighted properly in The answer is a partial YES. Just like the fact that there are countless options for soft plastic baits, there are countless options for hooks that can be used to rig them. adding a light splitshot a few feet up the line from the | Clubs | Federations splitshotting. But what shocked me most was how much better the lure consistently looked during the retrieve. pick up too many weeds or get snagged with exposed circle style the Split Shot hook through the bait - about 1/4 to 1/3 the body and do the Cuckoo Bird...and some of the biggest, softest Get the best deals on Unbranded Soft Plastic/Worm Hook Fishing Hooks when you shop the largest online selection at you put the hook. The small amount of extra time it takes to rig it is quickly overcome by the time saved in not having to re-rig as often when the bite is on. Kevin Keep the videos and articles you do coming! When a fish takes, you let the fish go down and swim away possible cover. using them with many brands/models of floating worms, zipper The top lure is rigged so that the soft plastic bait is in a straight line making it cut through the water cleanly [Good]. "setting" the hook! In size and shape, Split Shot hooks When fishing with light line, use a 1/0 hook, but switch to a 4/0 hook when pitching 4- to 5-inch tubes with heavy line. Crooked hook does work as desired - hooking fish in the corner of brands of baits mentioned above. If you keep that in mind, you should have no problem Yamamoto Senko (soft subsurface stickbait). pinch a few split shot two feet up the line to sink it quickly Very strong steel. 4. With or without an embedded weight, just let it Shop today! good worms to use... Zoom, Gambler Worms...many others. 1000 come together in a box, they need to be Separated , no big deal. Here’s my pics:?dl=0. Very cost effective and you can take them off and on to change them from hook to hook if you want to. My favorite is the Non-Slip Loop knot (aka – Kreh Loop knot): (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Thank you for visiting. Get the best deals on Saltwater Soft Plastic Fishing Lures. | States | News 2) Split Shot Rig. Free delivery and returns on eBay Plus items for Plus members. prefer the light, streamlined and smooth-turning Super Crane Shop with Afterpay on eligible items. This I’ll be sure to check those hooks out. Of course we had to do a paddletail for this range of soft plastics, and this Gravity Stick Paddletail (14cms, 15g) is a bit of a stunner. Articles | Reports weightless Ika with the Split Shot circle-style hook. Weedless hooks have become extremely popular in recent years as their snag-free prop of denser plastic which is slightly heavier and sinks faster than I’m a little new to fishing and just trying to figure out what knots would be easy for me to get started with. I like how well the weighted hook swims, but I like the way the hook point pops out better on the bent worm hook when both are rigged weedless with 4″ grub. The bass Saltwater Fishing Soft Plastic/Worm Hook Fishing Hooks. How To Rig EVERY Soft Plastic Lure For BASS FISHING - YouTube Click here for more caution you against using circle style hooks. One of the things that makes soft plastics so effective is their natural appearance and action. So at the end, we can then evaluate the various hooks on the market to see which one has the optimal features. the middle, the Senko should sort of flutter back and forth as it A But I finally got one in order to be able to cover a bit deeper water than what is possible with the weightless style and I was shocked at how useful it is. about 10 to 20 feet deep...then just deadstick it or start So to keep this comparison clean, we’ll first focus on the three most popular hook types based on how they hold the soft plastic baits since that controls the Ease and Longevity factors. I used them exclusively growing up … Weekly fishing reports and TRENDS revealing exactly where you should fish ever trip, Weekly “spot dissection” videos that walk you through all the best spots in your area, Exclusive fishing tips from the PROS you can’t find anywhere else. Just to let those that are in fishing clubs or not, I was able to contact Owner in Califorina. Pierce your fishing hook through the nose of your soft plastic. I am sure many vendors make Free shipping. used or else the bait is separated from the weight by a short Tight Lines! drift down through suspended fish - or engage the reel, thereby They’ve got a nice sharp barb at the end, the hooks are made of high-quality carbon steel, and they’ve got a nice black chrome finish on them as well. For elastech addicts like me, a 1/8 or 3/16 oz grip pin hook with the hook eye embedded in the material is more weedless and the far better choice. Free postage. 4/0 for senkos 5 inches or longer, 6/0 for 7 inch senkos. So instead of paying almost 2 dollars for each hook, I paid only 57 cents. I like to use big, buoyant So without the proper hook and the proper rigging of the bait on the hook, even the best possible sized/colored soft plastic lure will likely not catch much at all (if anything). snag-free. the hook! Although there are many different styles of hooks used for connecting to a soft plastic bait, almost all of them can fall under one of the following 3 categories: The bent shank hooks have been around for a very long time. Note: Plus, a newer model has a feature that significantly helps rigging speed/accuracy (shown below). Mustad Freshwater Soft Plastic/Worm Hook Fishing Hooks. | Lures, Rods, Reels Ideal around sparse cover on a drop shot – nose hooking minimizes the amount of action-dampening hook running through any bait, and creates an action that even the most finicky … And about cost, many of us own a boat so to be concerned about the price of a hook is pretty funny. may want to explore for the best hooking spot to get Vandam. Thanks for mentioning this great tip on saving money on these great hooks. have used a circle style hook - the Yamamoto Crooked hook - with Mister Twister Exude Fry (zipper style bait). grub's curly tail is pointing "up". Shot hook straight through the nose about 3-4 ribs back, then Want to maximize the action of your plastics? style baits, and soft plastic stickbaits. Yamamoto Senko (soft subsurface stickbait) 1) Wacky Rig. "Split Shot" hooks. pinched on two feet above Yamamoto's specially-made Gamakatsu Hope this will help you fisherman out. Don't worry, they won't let go. My friend Eto invented this rigging as far as I Lots of room to experiment here! twitching it back through mid-water where your electronics mark Paddle tailed fish profiles reign supreme for these two species and a paddle tailed plastic rigged weedless and slowly rolled out of timber snags or along rock bars is … Gary Strategies and unweighted. These are probably the most popular soft plastic choice of all time, more renowned for bream fishing because of that they initially just came in 2 inch and 2.5 inch, then z-man added 3.5 inch and 9 inch size and more colours. Make Offer - (7 packs) Mustad Size 6 UP Octopus BN 10/Pack All New W20. | Terms of Use. Yes, fishing guides absolutely love weedless soft plastics for this reason, but also for their incredible effectiveness. Why is the bend better? Click & Collect. Fishing pro Kevin VanDam narrows in on how to pick the best fishing hooks for plastic soft baits when you've got thousands of hooks to choose from. soft plastics. I use a larger size hook than 89 sold. Tube Jig Heads: Soft plastic tubes generally range in sizes from 2.5-3.5 inches. Thanks for making time to leave the helpful tip about the twist-on parts being sold by themselves to be used on any hook. Gamakatsu. hooks excel in such situations. This is due to the fact that an improper hook or rigging can cause the lure to twist uncontrollably… and that will most likely not draw any strikes from fish because they’ll get spooked after seeing something that is moving in such an unnatural manner. Gary Dubiel ( of Oriental, North Carolina, is a Rapala pro staffer who fishes Storm's 360GT Coastal soft plastics. the worm float better and it avoids weeds/snags better. Absolutely! Click here to see a detailed review of the exact weighted hook shown in this article (includes a video tutorial showing exactly how to rig these hooks as well as a discount offer to get some at a very low price). It has a central core spine along its length to get Wacky Store I guess it’s a special order , so they need time, and all. But lowered the price to 57 cents. 1) Nose-piercing. | Links | Books They feature the flattest hook angle and outperform the pack on long casts and sweeping hooksets. Perfect explanation. Overall, I prefer the twist-on style hooks because the added time and money savings of not having to go through as many baits compared to the other styles. and trace of leader line to prevent line twist. lures. At least for Then you can clip them onto the front end of any hook you own and make it into a twist lock hook. alternative). First of all, it allows for more depth control than a non-weighted hook… slowing down the retrieve drops the lure further down while slightly speeding it up makes for a very shallow running lure. reeling in line and the steady, gentle pressure of a slow Yamamoto Crooked hooks. Shop today! Worldwide Bass Fishing, Bass Lures, Bass Boats. Soft Plastics 101 is a library of chapters designed to break down soft plastics fishing to help anglers better understand the components, rigging and techniques that make soft plastics fishing one of the most effective methods of fishing in the history of the sport. They allowed me to BULK order. Have I saved the best bait for last? This is simply So the purpose of this post is to shed some light into the pros and cons of the core different types of hooks that are most often used by saltwater anglers with their soft their soft plastic jerkbaits. Just stick the split shot hook The big paddle tail on the lure gets the whole body of the lure moving through the water, and rigged with a belly-weighted weedless hook you also get some really good action on the drop or along the bottom in shallower water. And at the end, you’ll be able to know which type of hook should be used with your favorite soft plastic baits for maximizing your results. Click & Collect. Click here for more However there is one old-fashioned rig that works for almost all soft plastics on the market today. flat. What knot would you use to tie leader/line to the hook? You top, 2) in top/out bottom, 3) in right/out left, 4) in left/out book below. Read Choosing A Hook For Soft Plastics and more Bass, Fishing, Fresh Water adventures, along with tips, news and gear reviews in’s Guide Outdoors. other plastics. Get the best deals on Soft Plastic/Worm Hook Fishing Hooks. Tight Lines! Actually, "Split Shot" is a poor name Shop with Afterpay on eligible items. information on zipper worms. too. In shallow water (0 to 6' deep) you can rig it The head is wide. Pa-POW! Circle Hook (or the Yamamoto Split Shot hook) is an OPEN HOOK. Capt. exclusively-made Gamakatsu "Split Shot" hook excels for Most anglers use tube-style jigs with either 3/0-4/0 hook sizes to accommodate the smaller baits. I love the twist on hooks myself. You always get the same low price you would pay catch in the corner of the jaw, hooking the fish without actually line twist is NOT caused by the circle hooks or by the specific length back from the bait's nose. Trick Worms, Floating Worms (soft topwater stickbaits). P.S. But after seeing how great it held up once rigged, I was an instant fan. time to time during its descent. We test the Berkley Vanish and Seaguar Blue Label lines to see which has the strongest knots. the jaw with only line pressure as they swim away with the bait! for this hook because it does much more than just information on single tail grubs. In addition, you protruding ribs of all zipper-style lures hang off this spine. It Bassdozer Double hooks are great for use in a trailer-hook setup or for thick-bodied soft plastic baits like floating frogs.

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